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Started in 2003, Build America is a four-week team event traveling the country promoting accessible recreation for people with disabilities. From the construction of accessible amenities at camps to wilderness adventures with enabled athletes, Build America teams exemplify our mission better than anyone!

Build America Currently on Hold

Due to budget cuts stemming from the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Build America is currently on hold.

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Is your camp looking to expand amenities and programs for the disability community? While Build America is not an option, we may have weekends available for Ability Camp. Apply now to let us know you're interested.


At the core of Build America is the construction of accessible environments and camps serving the disability community, providing accessibility for campers to experience everything summer camp has to offer. Our team spends one week at four different camps across the country, building amenities that opens up new opportunities for campers and can even help camps expand the programming they can offer. While construction is the main focus, the friendships are what set Build America apart. Over the course of the week, team members and campers have the opportunity to build bonds like they do with camp counselors, building confidence and making meaningful connections. Team members will walk away with a brotherhood like any other and be proud to know their work will provide opportunities for people of all abilities for years to come!

Throughout the summer, the team will log over 4,000 man hours, save camps and communities $50,000 in labor costs, over $30,000 in materials expenses, and impact the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.


Four camps, one experience of a lifetime. See the country through service. The team begins with tool training and orientation in Boston before heading off to camp. Each week, our team becomes a part of the camp family. During the day, focusing on building projects such accessible fishing piers, nature trails, or climbing walls to name just a few. Each project is unique and custom made to benefit the camp. Meals and friendship visits offer an opportunity to interact with campers and have shared experiences you’ll remember for life. On weekends, the team visits iconic destinations such as national parks and epic cities while traveling to the next camp.


There will always be more reasons not to do something than to get out of your comfort zone and test your limits. You’ll feel like you can take on anything after Build America, that’s what separates a servant leader from the rest. For those that have completed the trip, the relationships built, skills learned and experiences had shaped who they are and what they’ve done since.

“I think Build America is extremely powerful in ways that benefit those at the camp and the future of others who will be using them. We want to provide our best work for each camp to make sure we create accessible and safe amenities that will last for years on. We create a positive impact on the community by also getting to spend quality time with campers throughout the week.” – Nolan Caberto (BAM 2019)

“Other than my bachelors degree, Build America is only experience I still list on my resume from that time. They are unique, once in a lifetime experiences that speak so much to a person’s character and leadership. Those attributes can be much harder to pull out of a traditional internship experience. It also shows that you’re willing to take a risk, meet new people, and work to a common goal. In hindsight, those times on BAM opened more doors for me than any of my paid industry internships. Not to mention some of the lifetime friendships I made that I still have today.” – Shawn O’Leary (Build America 2007, 2008)




Crew Positions & Internship Opportunities Available

Make your resume stick out with a summer of service creating something great! While Build America may not be option, there are crew positions available on Gear Up Florida and Journey of Hope. Crew positions provide great experience for communications, public relations, management, and finance majors. Not to mention the confidence and leadership skills you’ll gain!



One-on-one support from our dedicated staff, profession tool training, and mentorship from our network of accomplished Pi Alphas is just the beginning.

Did you know that many Build America team members come in without construction experience? Or that fundraising is daunting for everyone, but we work with you each step of the way to help you reach your goal. You can even earn useful incentives like a free flight to orientation to cut down on your own expenses for the trip! We help students and alumni from all over the country have the summer of a lifetime!



A brotherhood of selfless leaders committed to a lifetime of service and excellence.

Everyone who completes either Gear Up Florida, Journey of Hope or Build America is welcomed into the Pi Alpha Society. This exclusive fraternity within the fraternity is an incredible network of more than 2,000 servant leaders still making an impact in the world today. Team members meet with the men who came before them in nearly every city of the trip as they show support for the newest team. From entrepreneurs and CEOs to executives at Microsoft and Google, Pi Alphas are set apart from the societal norm due to their perseverance and commitment to service leadership. They are selfless individuals that put others before themselves. They are leaders that strive for excellence and don’t settle for mediocrity. Lifelong membership means that they continue their dedication to our mission and know how to make the most of every opportunity in life.

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