Disability awareness is accomplished by chapters of Pi Kappa Phi through numerous empathy training events and by educating the public. By promoting an understanding of another person’s situation, feelings, thoughts and attitudes, The Ability Experience’s empathy training exercises simulate what it may be like to live with a disability. Individuals gain firsthand experience and a better perspective on some of the challenges that people with disabilities face in their lives every day. People with disabilities often have to do things a little differently, but they have jobs, play sports and join fraternities just like everyone else.

The Ability Experience strives to educate the men of Pi Kappa Phi and the general public on the abilities of people with disabilities and the importance of putting a person before their disability by using people first language. Disability does not mean “inability.” People with disabilities should be recognized as a person first and not by their disability.

For more extensive reading on people first language, please visit People First Language or Disability is Natural.

For more information on disability awareness or empathy training, visit the resources section or contact The Ability Experience chapter servicing team via email.