Build America

Build America is a six-week team event traveling the country promoting accessible recreation for people with disabilities. From the construction of accessible amenities at camps to wilderness adventures with athletes with disabilities, the Build America team is dedicated to proving true human ability.

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At the core of Build America is the construction of accessible environments and camps serving the disability community. In six weeks, the team will build accessible fishing piers, nature trails, climbing walls and many other amenities providing opportunities for campers to experience everything summer camp has to offer. Throughout the summer, the team will log over 4,000 man hours, save camps and communities $50,000 in labor costs, over $30,000 in materials expenses and impact the lives of thousands of people with disabilities.

The Impact

The best experience on this journey is in the evenings when team members gather with campers for dinner and other camp activities. This is the time team members say is most rewarding. Hear from a team member who shares the impact this had on him:

“Working with so many individuals with disabilities has allowed me to open my eyes to how much need there is in the world. A need for assistance, for love, and for compassion. I will never overlook an individual again for his or her ability to do a task or how they live their life. It is a blessing to have had this experience and make so many new friends.”  – Jake Pollack

You have a chance to spend quality time with the very people who are benefiting from your hard work. These are the times that create the special memories of camps and lifelong friends. There is no experience like Build America and being able to leave a tangible product after departing a camp or community sets this event apart from all other events.

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