7/16/19 JOH South

The team woke up at 5:00 AM after a comfortable nights sleep on our hotel beds a luxury we were lucky to have the previous 3 nights. It was a warm and humid morning that was typical of east Texas. The ride began with a 7 mile police escort along the highway which was a thrilling experience and it was pleasant to not have to worry about the traffic behind us even if it was just for 7 miles. The rest of the 75 mile ride was mostly flat with a few rolling hills through beautiful lush green trees. Around mile 60 we arrived at the Louisiana state line and had fun taking acrobatic and goofy photos with our pacelines. Upon entering Shreveport we had a media arrival and friendship visit at the first ever Shriners Hospital. We enjoyed shooting hoops, kickball, and wooden duck races with many of the kids at Shriners. After a long day we retired to the cavalry baptist church for our team meeting and bed ready for tomorrow’s adventure.