Day 20: Steamboat Springs Colorado, June 29th 2019

Today was a great day for the team, the ride was a quick one and then the events within the town began. We started out the day at the STAR facility where we got to tour the future facility and then try the many adaptive bikes they have on site. Getting to see the different ways they are able to accommodate people to be able to ride truly amazed the team and we really enjoyed getting to see this work that this facility helps to do. After we left the facility we headed out to fletcher pond and has a sponsored lunch of Qdoba!! It was a great way for us to say goodbye to those at STAR and head off to our beautiful lodging. The team took a quick breather and then we were on our way to dinner. We were already expecting pizza but we didn’t know just how special this visit would become to us. The people we met were absolutely amazing, we met Princess Debbie who lived for the camera and Heidi who was an enormous sports fan and got to talk about the teams where our hometowns are around. The meal wasn’t the end of our visit, we went to fish creek falls where we assisted our new friends down the mountain for a beautiful pic by the waterfall. We are all a extremely proud for these moments and as we leave Steamboat Springs our newly found friends will continue on our journey in our hearts and spirits.

– Joseph Caggiano, Rochester Institute of Technology (Theta Psi)