Day 20

There is truly nothing like waking up to the breathtaking sights that Rocky Mountain Village has to offer. We had a brief walk around the camp and inspected the worksite and planned out how to approach our project for the week. For the past eight years, several Build America teams have had the opportunity to drive into Denver and build a wheelchair accessible nature walk through the mountains. With teams set and ready to work, we cranked out an effective work day that ended early due to thunder storms, and enjoyed a filling taco dinner. I met one of the campers, Gage, who was elated to tell me about his zip lining experience, and was super interested in what me and the rest of the team were building on site.

Afterwards, we went to see and perform in skits for evening programming. The staff and campers had an unbelievable amount of energy, which is exactly what the team needs after a long day on the worksite. My team, consisting of Andrew, Matt, Quinn, Danny, Nick, and Geno, performed the “Movie Theater” skit, in which we all took on an eclectic mix of personalities who all met up to see a screening of “The Adventures of Build America.” Although the rain has followed us since Boston, the campers consistently brighten our days regardless of the weather.