Day 25

Today our group woke up and packed up our belongings before we disembarked from Rocky Mountain Village in Empire, CO for Lubbock, TX. After we were ready to leave, we got into our vans and drove to St. Mary’s Glacier, the site of our official Build America team photo. We were all taken aback by the view, while also coming to the realization that we had officially completed three of our six visits to summer camps around the country. We headed back to Rocky Mountain Village to say our final goodbyes to the campers we had grown so close with over the course of the week, and also took the time to thank the staff for their support of our endeavours. After a lengthy car ride to Lubbock, we got to enjoy some incredible barbecue from our sponsers while exchanging numerous laughs and stories with all in attendance. We wrapped up the night by exploring the city of Lubbock, and Dustin Brown showed us how to truly immerse yourself in the lifestyle of the locals. It’s safe to say that after one day in Texas, I’m extremely excited to be spending then next week in this state.