Day 30

Today was a great day at Down Home Ranch. We finished our barn rennovation, and got a lot of the painting done. Getting to see the completley rennovated barn from start to finish was a great feeling! We got to spend our evening with the ranchers doing a karokee night. All of the team got up and sang with the ranchers and they loved every minute of it. I really enjoyed seeingtwo different ranchers sing the National Anthem, and one of my most favorite parts of the night was when a rancher got up and sung his weeding song to his wife. Her face lit up with so much joy. It made me really happy to see that even the samllest things can make a persons day. Build America has really opened my eyes to this. I realize now that you don’t need to create some grand gesture to turn someones day around.It could be something a small as a hug, or a conversation that could make someones day. It’s really a great feeling.