Day 31


Today was the team’s last morning at Down Home Ranch in Elgin, Texas. We began our morning, like we did the entire week, with breakfast prepared by our teammate and Brother Dylan Nelson (Beta Iota – Toledo), who made some great eggs and sausage to go with muffins. As we got ready to depart, we had the opportunity to take a photo at the entrance gate and thank all the staff for having us for the past week. We loved having the opportunity to see people with disabilities not just having a great time on the ranch, but working and building their skills and abilities to help support a ranch that produces amazing meat, phenomenal blackberry jelly and countless produce. What was really awesome was that Laura Zipoy, an administrator with Down Home Ranch helped us with purchasing camp shirts so that we could have a souvenir prior to leaving. Prior to leaving, the kitchen staff also gave us packed lunches for the road. After getting on the road, we went to our lodging location at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth, which was organized by Michael Walton. The accommodation was perfect and allowed us to play some basketball prior to having dinner with our sponsor, Wade Patrick (Theta Xi – Arizona State). Wade and I did BAM together in 2014 and he’s helped every team I’ve been on, so seeing him and catching up was a great personal experience, but also allowing him the opportunity to meet some of his chapter brothers doing BAM I thought was a unique and special opportunity and I know the team members really valued that experience.