Day 45: Northbrook Illinois, July 23rd 2019

The day started like many other: all cyclists got up to the questionable morning music choice of our project manager and hustled for the team circle up. We paid our last respects to the town of Milwaukee and began our 80 mile ride toward Northbrook. At this point of the trip, the 80 miles on paper no longer seemed like a challenge, and the cyclists all finished the ride without any difficulties. After arriving at lodging, the YMCA of Northbrook, the cyclists quickly showered and prepared for the one hour drive for dinner, which is sponsored by Pechous’s mom. Phil, Brando, and I found a sauna, which we took full advantage of. During the one hour drive, cumulative exhaustion took everyone in my squad van as we all drifted asleep; the one hour drive felt like 10 minutes at most. Dinner was incredible. We were treated to shrimp cocktails and chips and guac, bread, chicken, and the best flanks ever! After dinner, Cal’s mom sponsored us ice cream for desert, where my teammate and I ordered and tried myriads of Wisconsin dairy. Upon finishing dinner and dessert, we left Kenosha and drove back to lodging, where we made preparations for the next day before lights out.

-Mengsu Alan Yang
Zeta Sigma, Cyclist