Friday, July 21, 2017

This morning, thanks to Ms. Sherrie Fischer, the team awoke from hotel beds once more, which is always a delightful change. We gathered outside of Hotel Davenport and was treated with breakfast pizza and chocolate milk. This was provided by family of one of our riders, Chase Servison.

With gray skies and rain in the forecast the team waited patiently for the clouds to pass. Luck was on our side because the weather allowed the cyclists to make their ride to Rockford, IL. By the time we got out of the city of Davenport the weather was beautiful and the skies were blue.

It appears that we caught up to the storm, about 15 miles out from Rockford a torrential downpour covered the city. At this point we needed to do an all team rack to safely get to our destination. The cyclists were not too upset, having riden about 105 miles all of them were able to finish their last century (a hundred mile bike ride) of the summer. After having fit all the cyclists in our crew vans we went on to our lodging for the night, at Boylan High School in Illinois. We then prepared to set out for dinner with our sponsor, Mr. Douglas Meenan. Because of the storm some areas of the city lost power. We originally planned to go to Lucha Cantina, but the power was out, luckily our sponsor had a backup plan: to eat at Beef-a-Roo! I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only guy who has never heard of this restaurant. Their roast beef and french fries were delicious and they had plenty of flavors of milkshakes. Mr. Meenan topped the night off with a showing of Step Brothers back at Boylan High School. After finishing my crew duty with the help of Everett and Ben Walters, I sat outside with some of the guys to hang out, listen to the rain, and watch the lightning as the storm went on. I will remember that night with Nick Long, Adam Brown, and Christian McSweeney. It was a good night.

Zerrick Barlow

SUNY Geneseo