Friday, June 14, 2019

Today we went to Concord, Massachusetts to get familiar with the various tools we are using this summer, with help from Concord Carpenter and Toolbox Buzz. With their guidance, it was a really fun and educational day as we spent almost 10 hours learning how to safely and properly operate on the work site. We learned to use advanced tools such as the circular saw and the table saw, while understanding how important a pencil and a tape measure can be when doing construction. Time flew by as we rotated from station to station, initially getting familiar, then increasing repetitions and variations of how these tools can be applied and used at our disposal over the next six weeks. While the education of how to use these tools efficiently was always important, the emphasis on safety was never overlooked, with constant ear and eye protection being insisted on.
While waking up early to get to Concord at 6:45 AM and the long day behind us certainly left us drained, we can’t wait to go back early to have some more fun and challenge ourselves tomorrow.

– Greg Horn Kappa Alpha Case Western Reserve University