Friday, June 23, 2017

Today we stayed in West Yellowstone, which is right in the edge of the Yellowstone National Park. It was a nice off day, which meant we could sleep in until 8:00am! After getting out of bed and getting ready, we had some bagels for breakfast then headed into the park. The team then took headshots for the Ability Experience website and the end of the summer video. We then proceeded to explore what Yellowstone had to offer. The first wildlife we ran into was a huge herd of bison grazing a field. Most groups went to the Grand Prismatic Springs, which are heated from underground magma and resulted in multi-colored steam emitting from the pools. Later we hit Old Faithful and watched the geyser erupt. It was great to see but not the best attraction the park had to offer. Some of the other points of interest were the waterfalls near the canyon. The Lower Falls was extremely breath taking. By this time it was getting late, so we left the park and headed to dinner at a Chinese restaurant called Red Lotus. A big thank you to Mountain Gate Capital for sponsoring dinner and taking the team out for ice cream afterwards! After a long day in Yellowstone the food tasted delicious and filled us up. Tomorrow is a 135 mile ride of the Teton Mountain Range the day off was much needed. 

Author: Rob Etheridge, Cyclist (Delta Alpha Chapter, Virginia Tech)