First day of Practice

This was our first full day at FIU and we had a packed schedule for the day. I was able to experience morning circle-up for the first time and even though it was early, everyone seemed to be in a great mood and ready to go. Doing the “Vigilance on me, Vigilance on 3” breakdown made me feel like part of a unified team with a common focus, and it made me feel ready to accomplish anything I needed to that day. The classroom sessions this morning were devoted to safety and policy review. This was a great reminder that safety is always top priority and should be taken seriously by everyone involved with this trip. Knowing how much goes into outfitting the cyclists with safety equipment definitely provides a greater sense of confidence as we prepare to get out on the road

We were lucky enough to have a sponsored lunch again, and the afternoon began with skills assessment before more classroom sessions later in the day. I was lucky enough to join crew members for scouting and marking turns, which proved to be both challenging and enjoyable.  It’s great to see how this operation works, as it provides some insight into what crew members do daily to keep cyclists on track and make sure they can navigate that day’s route safely. The afternoon classroom sessions consisted of writing the team’s charter and reviewing bystander intervention. Seeing that charter on the wall added to the growing sense of unity I had felt throughout the past 24 hours. As we prepare to head out on the road for the first time tomorrow, I’m looking forward to seeing how this group of individuals, most of whom have never met, becomes a coordinated front and works together to live the values that have been instilled in us as brothers of Pi Kappa Phi.