July 19, 2017 – Shreveport, LA to Monroe, LA – 115 miles 
Today we biked 115 miles from Shreveport to Monroe, Louisiana. We woke up early to start the long day with a nice big breakfast and some last words of encouragement from Father Angell, the pastor of Calvary Baptist Church which sponsored us for the night. I was in charge of prayer for the day and did one of my favorites, the serenity prayer, before we took off!
On the way to Monroe we were welcomed with trees on our left and right which helped to block headwind and went through many small towns. One of which was one of the last towns Bonnie and Clyde went through before being caught and had a museum about them which was really cool! About 40 miles left in the ride we stopped for lunch with a brother from Louisiana Tech University, David Anders, whom had cooked up a huge pot of Louisiana jambalaya for us, it was amazing! 
When we finally made it to University of Louisiana-Monroe we were embraced by friends of ARCO and a friendship visit with them. We are excited to be here for 2 days and explore the amazing city of Monroe before heading to Mississippi! This trip has been such a blessing so far and I look forward to the new experiences I have every single day!
David Hittner
Kappa Delta (Florida Atlantic University)