July 30, 2017 – Atlanta, GA to Rutledge, GA – 55 miles

Today was a fantastic day on South Route! The day started with a McDonald’s Breakfast sponsored by a 2016 Pi Alpha from the Beta Eta Chapter (Florida State) named Stewart Beshears. After fueling up for our ride we made our way out of downtown Atlanta and into Rutledge, GA. The sunrise was beautiful and the ride was definitely one of our more relaxing of the trip. 
We arrived into our lodging for the night  at Camp Twin lakes around noon to a huge welcome from the campers! This camp serves individuals with special needs and encourages independence and new experiences during campers’ time there. They served us a delicious lunch and we had a chance to hangout with the campers while we ate. Meals there are full of energy and it was awesome to see how much fun the kids (and adults) were having. 
After lunch we had the opportunity to help facilitate any of the activities the camp was holding that day which included everything from archery and canoeing to pottery and horseback riding. This camp was truly beautiful and the opportunities it provides for its campers are really unique. I had the opportunity to help with canoeing and kayaking. We helped the kids into canoes using a special canoe launch that connected to their dock. After free time was over we were treated to another delicious meal with the campers! We finished the night with a pool party with some of the campers and a dance party with others. I spent my time in the pool playing volleyball and getting to know the campers! All in all, today was a fantastic day at camp and it was awesome interacting with and getting to know the people there. 
Ross Ranelli 
Eta Gamma (Colorado University at Boulder)