July 31, 2017 – Rutledge, GA to Athens, GA – 35 miles 
This morning we spent our last meal with all the campers at Camp Twin Lake. Our breakfast ended with what they call “spirit time”, which involved lots of cheers and activities that woke us up and helped us get excited and motivated for our ride. Our ride that day, which was what we call a “short” 35 mile ride took us from Rutledge to Athens, Georgia. Along the way we were surrounded by woods and beautiful scenery, which helped make the ride go by relatively quickly. We were also lucky to ride through the University of Georgia’s Greek Row, and it was cool seeing all the houses and how Greek Life looks in the South. 
We arrived to a lunch sponsored by the Young Harris United Methodist Church which was also our lodging for the night, and had plenty of free time before a dinner sponsored by Andrew Crain, a Pi Alpha who did BAM in 2009. The guys used this opportunity to do a variety of things, like tour the University of Georgia, watch Game of Thrones that we missed the night before, or simply catch up on sleep. We’re all excited to see what tomorrow holds, as we cross of another state line and head into South Carolina
Griffin Engle and Nick Roberson 
Purdue University (Omega) and Appalachian State (Delta Zeta)