Saturday, June 17, 2017

Today we got to sleep in until 6am!  The ride to Fallon started with a really great breakfast of pancakes, sausage, and of course bananas.  The ride only took a little over four hours so we arrived just before noon, along the ride I began to notice the beautiful yet bland desert, the rolling hills, and a hot sun.  Being from the east coast I had never realized how mountainous Nevada was, but luckily our route today zig zagged through them and hardly had any elevation.  We also began our trip on the “Loneiest Highway in America”, US 50, which will ride on across the entire state of Nevada. As we arrived to town I noticed the numerous number of casinos, and small town shops.  When we arrived at the highschool provided by Mr. Robert Freeman, he was generous enough to let us use the weightroom, something that got the crew very excited as it was the first time we were able to hit the weightroom and make gains since orientation.   

After a lift, a quick nap, and some light reading our frienship visit started at 5pm.  We walked across the campus to the cafateria were it was decorated and a large assembly of food sat along the back wall. We sat and had some nice conversations with some new friends before hitting the congo line for the rest of the night.  At the conclusion of the dance party there was karoke and introductions.  My favorite part about this visit was the enthusiasm everyone showed on the dance floor.  The party died down around 8:30, so I had some time to regrease my chain before lights went out at 10pm. 

Andrew Anglum

University of North Carolina- 19