Saturday, June 22, 2019

On Saturday, we were treated to brunch by participants of last year’s Build America team. We went to Peacock Diner in the northern part of St. Louis, where we alternated eating delicious diner classics with various arcade games that we spotted around the restaurant. Following brunch, we ventured south to visit the St Louis Arch and several other landmarks downtown, as we took our time to explore the city. The city was vibrant as the St Louis Cardinals were playing the Los Angeles Angels while we were in town. 

For dinner we were guests of the Stuckels at their home just south of St Louis. Mrs. Stuckel put together a thanksgiving feast for the team as Mr. and Mrs. Stuckel both told countless stories about their son, a Journey of Hope Pi Alpha, as well as their vast dedication to the fraternity. The dinner was amazing, and so was the ability to interact and make a personal connection with individuals who are so important in making this fraternity what it is today.


  • Greg Horn Kappa Alpha Case Western Reserve University