Sunday, July 7, 2019

This was our last day in Colorado Springs. We were able to sleep in a bit today but some people decided not to and went to climb the Manitou Incline instead. An incline with a total of 2,744 steps! I was able to have lunch with my brother, who lives in Colorado Springs when some of the team was doing the incline. As soon as everyone was back we got back on the road to our fourth camp, Colorado Lions Camp. On our way we stopped for a late lunch at Chipotle and then it was only a short 45 minute drive to camp. 


When we arrived, the camp director, Jodi, showed us around to get us ready for the week. We had an amazing dinner and after had a campfire with all of the campers and staff. Once all of the campers went to bed, the team relaxed by playing some volleyball and then finally going to bed.


– Jake Feller Theta Psi Rochester Institute of Technology