Sunday, June 16, 2019

    After two days of Tool Training, courtesy of Tool Box Buzz and Concord Carpenter, our team was ready to start our trip across the country. Today was our first travel day and everyone was ready to begin our adventure! We left Groton (MA) for Rochester (NY) early in the morning. We made one stop in Albany for a lunch sponsored by Dan Wrona, and then continued our trip through New York to reach Rochester. We drove all the way through New York with absolutely no problems and we finally made it to Rochester around 5:45pm.

    Getting to Rochester was a really awesome feeling, especially for me. I go to SUNY Geneseo and so it feels like my second hometown, since Geneseo is only a 35 minute drive from Rochester. Even better than that feeling was knowing that both my big brother, Patrick McKinney, and my chapter advisor, Victor Santiago, were 2 of the many sponsors that helped feed our team dinner. After customizing our own Garbage Plates and devouring them, we set out at 9pm to go Bowling! All of us including Victor had an awesome time bowling and just hanging out together as brothers. After bowling, we moved back to the Arc of Monroe and stayed the night at their facilities. Thank you to everyone who helped put this together this was an amazing day!!

-Mike Harvey Kappa Eta SUNY Geneseo