Sunday, June 23, 2019

Today was one of our travel days. We were traveling from Christian Brothers College (St Louis) to Camp Wonderland (Ozarks). We started by stopping for breakfast at the Original Pancake House which was sponsored by Kyle Wilson who was part of the first Build America Team. After finishing our meals we hit the road and continued our journey to Camp Wonderland.  Because breakfast was so filling, we decided to pass on lunch and stop for a small snack. We decided to stop at Central Dairy, where we were told by the Stuckel’s that the ice cream was cheap and the best. After meeting Patrick Lucitt, the PM from last years trip everyone began to order their ice cream! After heading out on the road once more, we reached Camp Wonderland! After getting to the camp we had our first dinner with the campers and we had our first programming experience where we sang some campfire songs together and became the “Boys Choir “. Another great day!

– Mike Harvey Kappa Eta SUNY Geneseo