Tuesday, July 4, 2017

After being well rested from our day with no riding yesterday, we woke up at 6:00 a.m. to begin our 50 mile ride from Empire to Denver, CO. Before we hit the road, we had a delicious breakfast sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Carlson. By 7:00, we were rolling out of Rocky Mountain Village on our way to the capitol building. Despite the traffic on our way in to the city, we all arrived safely to the capitol where we met up with the TransAmerica team around noon. It was a wonderful experience looking out into the crowd of families and friends as we stood on the steps of the capitol. After listening to a few speeches, we enjoyed a nice lunch sponsored by Mr. Adam Bacon with our friends, families, and brothers from the TransAmerica team. After the festivities subsided, we rode our bikes down the street to our hotel provided by KRG Capital Partners, L.L.C. After getting cleaned up, we had a few hours to explore the city before going to the Rockies baseball game. The tickets to the game as well as a meal at the concessions stands were again provided to us by KRG Capital Partners. Despite the fact that the Rockies ended up losing to the Reds, I still had a great time at the game. After the game, we stayed at Coors Field to enjoy the amazing 4th of July fireworks show. After the fireworks, we spent some more time exploring the city before heading to bed to prepare for the next day’s activities. The team and I are thankful to Mr. Bruce Rogers and KRG Capital for a great time in Denver. We are also thankful for the delicious meals provided to us by Mr. and Mrs. Carlson and Mr. Adam Bacon.

Greg Sheibley

The University of Alabama at Birmingham