Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The day started out like any other. Everyone getting up to the sound of music played by our wonderful project manager. From there we all get our stuff around, and go outside for breakfast. Everyone was excited and nervous to only travel twenty miles into Chicago. The ride went well with everyone making it to arrival without incident. As people began to stage up we were met by riders from our later friendship visit with Envision! Meeting on a trail the cyclists and new riders traveled down a bike path to be greeted with signs, cheering, and smiling faces. From there everyone met up for lunch which was some amazing chinese food. During lunch we played games, had bike races, and danced. Once everyone had their fill we made sure bikes were put away and set out for lodging. Staying in a sky scraper downtown we had a short drive. Everyone was disperse into rooms mine being on the (forty first floor). After getting settled in to our home for the next couple days we walked through the city to    Portillo’s for an amazing dinner of Chicago dogs, beef sandwiches, and pasta sponsored by the parents of the team. Everyone headed out after dinner to see the city, and have free time.
The trip is nearing its end and the friends and memories I’ve made are life long! Its bittersweet but we all are making every day count. The next few days we are heading to Michigan where ill get to see my family!

Damian DeLano