Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The team rode 102 miles from Butte, MT to Bozeman, MT today. It was a chilly start to the morning in Butte but it warmed up nicely as the day along. The ride had plenty of spectacular views of mountain ranges throughout the day which offered a lot of great photo opportunities. Once we made it to Bozeman we had an amazing sponsored dinner. During the dinner we got to learn about Eagle Mount, the organization that was hosting us here in Bozeman. Their mission is to provide quality therapeutic recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and young people with cancer. They host a variety of amazing programs that make activities like skiing, white water rafting, and road cycling accessible to everyone. After dinner we got a chance to meet and talk with one of the individuals who does road cycling on a hand bike with Eagle Mount and take some hand bikes for a spin around the parking lot! After dinner the team prepared the long beautiful ride into West Yellowstone tomorrow and got to bed early.

-Patrick Finnerty