Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Today the team and I rode from Ely, Nevada into Baker, Nevada. The ride was a pretty smooth 60 miles compared to the 80 the day before. Since the ride was shorter than our daily average we got into Baker quicker than expected.  This gave myu paceline and I some more time to change and run into town to get some lunch from one of the local diners. I devoured and delicious supreme burrito and capped it off with a refreshing Coca-Cola. 

Once the whole team arrived we all rode up the mountain over 10,000 ft of elevation to the Apline Lakes. There we hiked about 1.5 miles to get to the lake which had some of the most incredible views of the trip.  along the bank was a pretty big patch of snow still frozen over from winter and spriong that all of us used as a “slide” into the lake.  The lake water was crisp and refreshing and we put on some music and hung out there for awhile. On the way down we stopped at the visitor centers and enjoyed ice cream and Root Beer floats.

When we got back into town we showered and got ready for dinner. Our sponsor, Mrs. Carol Ferguson along with many others in town whipped up an amazing feast that consisted of Turkey, cole saw, funeral potatoes, corn casserole, sourdough bread, and an assortment of mouth watering desserts. 

After that, a man came with an enormous telescope around sundown and we got the rare chance to see Jupiter and Saturn which was extremely cool. Proceeding the star gazing, the team got some sleep in preparation for our 95 mile ride into Delta, Utah. This was by far one of the most fun and fulfilled days of the trip that consisted of cycling, exploring, sight seeing, and making new friends along our journey.

-Clayton Muehlstein BH 1810