Wednesday, June 12, 2019

After breakfast and circle up we started with trivia to test everyone’s knowledge on the policies and procedures, safety management, and crisis management which will be issued to keep everyone safe this summer. Sadly my team came in second but everyone seemed to know the majority of the major rules and regulations. Once we were finished we came up with our picture formation and took some time to walk down to the lake and take group photos and head shots. We came back to the cabins and Zack taught us to play oshka, a game sort of like tag but with your feet. After a few rounds we had about three hours of free time which some of us used to take naps until dinner. Dinner was provided by Joey Smith and was Boston’s Baddest Burgers food truck. It’s safe to say everyone loved the lobster rolls, some even got thirds. We finished off the night by watching “IT” but I think that made it a lot harder for us all to sleep last night. We are all looking forward to tomorrow!

– Ayden Lasley Alpha Rho WVU