It’s humbling for sure: Journey of Hope visits Gaenslen School in Milwaukee

All 35 young men making the trek from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. are from all over the country, but all part of the fraternity Pi Kappa Phi. They started out on June 1st and plan to finish on August 2nd. Monday they were in Milwaukee, and spent the majority of their day at Gaenslen School.

While they were there, they put on a puppet show which teaches kids about different disabilities and about acceptance. The audience includes children with special needs, who are part of the MPS Summer Club Rec Program.

“It’s mutually beneficial. It opens the minds of the kids to gentlemen that are from across the country in different areas. For the college guys, it’s really fun for them to interact with kids. But they appreciate this setting in particular at Gaenslen because it’s an integrated setting of kids with and without disabilities,” said Kathy Mohar with Independence First who plans and organizes all the activities the group does here in Milwaukee.

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