Our Donors are Incredible! 2020 Donor Impact

We are feeling THANKFUL in 2020. This year has brought unprecedented challenges. Yet it has shown us the real value of inclusion and making connections. We are truly better together (even if it’s virtually!). THANK YOU for giving us reason to smile and for not giving up on what connection and hope can look like during the pandemic.

Some BIG WINS that YOU have made possible so far this year: πŸ‘

β€’ Since May, we have hosted 21 virtual friendship visits and provided over 1,000 shared experiences.

β€’ 16 different organizations serving the disability community have partnered with us in this journey.

β€’ 6 new programs have been created so far that meet our beneficiaries exactly where they are!

On behalf of a grateful organization and those we serve, THANK YOU for stepping up for those in need during this time and restoring connection in the lives of our partners, students, and friends. They are well worth it!

Take a look back at the impact you had in the video above.
Then, check out the journey we went on together