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Staff Directory

The staff of The Ability Experience works together to provide Pi Kappa Phis with high-quality service opportunities that will enhance the lives of people with disabilities. The organization's culture is one that supports a unique work environment and encourages employees to focus on collaboration, relationships and personal development.

Our staff comes together as a team to organize and facilitate national programs, work with over 180 Pi Kappa Phi chapters nationwide on their local service initiatives and spread the mission of The Ability Experience to communities across the country.

To reach a staff member, please dial (704) 504-2400 and use the extension numbers listed below.

Basil Lyberg Chief Executive Officer5379
Terrie Smith Executive Assistant5380
Zack Agerton5385
Chelsea Ball Director of Logistics5395
Andrew Matznick Director of Program Development5387
Mike McBride Regional Director of Chapter Services (West)5392
Chris Shade Director of Development5383
Gary Sugg Regional Director of Chapter Services (Southeast)5377
Matthew SutterRegional Director of Chapter Services (Midwest)5394
Patrick Carlson Journey of Hope Project Manager (North Route)5307
Stephen Kapp Journey of Hope Project Manager (South Route)5388
Alex SpencerJourney of Hope Project Manager (TransAmerica Route)5387

Board Members

The Ability Experience is lucky to have such a dedicated group of board members all focused on furthering The Ability Experience’s mission and positive impact on people with disabilities. At three meetings per year, the Board of Directors gathers in order to discuss the state of the organization and steer opportunities that are available to The Ability Experience. Board members take ownership of several aspects of the organization, all with the common goal of changing the way society views people with disabilities and fraternities. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact The Ability Experience office at (704) 504-2400.



Cathy Harrison Chairman
Chad Perce Vice Chairman
Brad Jensen Treasurer
Corey Dillon Secretary
Jeff Wahlen Member at Large
Alan Duesterhaus Pi Kappa Phi National Council Designate
Russ Faulkner Member
Joel Borellis Member
Phillip L. Hamilton Member
Mark King Member
Regina Moody Member
John Schumacher Member
David Thomas Member
Mark Urrutia Member